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circular room in a SUNY Poly Albany campus building

The CATN2 will support your participation in strategic campaigns that  burden-share capital and operating cost, provide operational structures to protect and share intellectual property, and, align the industry supply chain to deliver integrated solutions.



Quantum Technology
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The CATN2 has pursued a comprehensive strategy for development of a power electronics cluster in the Erie Canal (I-90) corridor initiated by the formation of the New York-Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium (NY-PEMC). NY-PEMC has focused on strategic attraction and eco-system growth targeting four synergistic areas that include:  

  • Power Accelerator (incubation, supply chain enablement, & workforce training);  

  • Power Conversion (WBG devices-silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN));  

  • Power Control (MEMS switching); and,  

  • Power Packaging (silicon, SiC & GaN). 

Power Accelerator

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Power Conversion


Power Control

Power Packaging



Integrated Photonics
AIM Photonics Logo

The American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics), is an industry driven public-private partnership that focuses the nation’s premiere capabilities and expertise to capture critical global manufacturing leadership in a technology that is both essential to National security and positioned to provide a compelling return-on-investment to the U.S. economy. The Institute’s goal is to emulate the dramatic successes experienced by the electronics industry over the past 40 years and transition key lessons, processes, and approaches to the photonic integrated circuit (PIC) industry. AIM Photonics supports Small, Medium and Large Enterprises, providing practical access and technology on-ramps for U.S. industry, government, and academic communities. We are creating a National PIC manufacturing infrastructure, widely accessible and inherently flexible to meet the challenges of the marketplace with practical, innovative solutions.


Our Mission

We seek to advance integrated photonic circuit manufacturing technology development while simultaneously providing access to state-of-the-art fabrication, packaging, and testing capabilities for small-to-medium enterprises, academia and the government; create an adaptive integrated photonic circuit workforce capable of meeting industry needs and thus further increasing domestic competitiveness; and meet participating commercial, defense and civilian agency needs in this burgeoning technology area.


Our Vision

Establish a technology, business and education framework for industry, government and academia to accelerate the transition of integrated photonic solutions from innovation to manufacturing-ready deployment in systems spanning commercial and defense applications.



Advanced Manufacturing Performance
AMP Logo

With access to an advanced semiconductor RD&D environment that includes a 300mm wafer industry-compliant silicon wafer process line, the U.S. Department of Commerce and New York State established the Advanced Manufacturing Performance (AMP) Center at UAlbany's CNSE to provide access to project-ready test-beds.



Our mission is to drive systematic progression in advanced manufacturing solutions by addressing the challenges confronting the semiconductor industry supply chain partners with a focus on:

  • Root Cause Analysis with "lab-to-fab” testing of industry-supplier components and sub-systems using Equipment-level Test-beds;

  • Data Utilization with “digital twin” analysis of industry-compliant facility management systems using Facility-level Test-beds;

  • Output Control with “career pathways” training on industry-relevant hands-on experiential learning using Process-level Test-beds.

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