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enclosed bridge between buildings at the SUNY Poly Albany campus

SUNY Polytechnic Institute offers a full suite of state-of-the-art 300mm and 200mm wafer processing and analytical technologies and offer studies in everything from nanoscience, engineering, business, nursing, cybersecurity, computer science, mathematics and humanities at its Albany and Utica Campuses. AIM Photonics operates the Test Assembly and Packaging (TAP) facility for photonic integrated circuits in Rochester New York.



SUNY Poly’s Albany NanoTech Complex, a 1.65 million-square-foot megaplex with the only fully-integrated, 300mm computer chip pilot prototyping and demonstration lines within 135,000 square feet of Class 1 capable cleanrooms. Unmatched nanotechnology-centered educational resources and capabilities provide the foundation for New York’s burgeoning Tech Valley. 

Aerial of CNSE Albany Complex with labels

SUNY Poly's Albany NanoTech Complex

Home to the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, SUNY Poly’s Albany campus is a fully-integrated research, development, prototyping, and educational facility that provides strategic support through outreach, technology acceleration, business incubation, pilot prototyping, and test-based integration support for onsite corporate partners including IBM, GlobalFoundries, Samsung, Applied Materials, Tokyo Electron, ASML and Lam Research, as well as other “next-generation” nanotechnology research activities.

NanoFab South

NanoFab South, completed in March 2004, is a 150,000 square foot facility that includes 32,000 square feet of cleanroom space. The facility also includes classrooms, undergraduate and graduate student lounges and offices.

NanoFab 200 CESTM

NanoFab 200 (also known as CESTM) was completed in June 1997. This 70,000 square foot facility includes 4,000 square feet of cleanroom space, plus SUNY Poly metrology labs and office space for programs such as the State University of New York’s Atmospheric Sciences Research Center. 

Zero Energy Nanotechnology Building ZEN

The Zero Energy Nanotechnology (ZEN) building, completed in 2015, is SUNY Poly’s most recent expansion project, a 356,000-square-foot facility that serves as a living laboratory for clean and renewable energy technologies. 

NanoFab Xtension NFX

NanoFab Xtension, completed in 2013, is a 500,000-square-foot facility with 50,000 square feet of 300mm wafer cleanrooms. 

NanoFab East NFE

NanoFab East, a 250,000-square-foot office, laboratory and classroom building and NanoFab Central, a separate 100,000-square-foot building that houses 15,000 square feet of 300mm wafer, class 1 capable cleanroom space were part of a project completed in March 2009. 

NanoFab North NFN

NanoFab North, completed in December 2005, is a 228,000 square foot facility that includes 35,000 square feet of cleanroom space with Class 1 capable 300mm wafer production. The NFN facility also houses the world’s first extreme ultraviolet (“EUV”) Alpha Demo Tool, developed by ASML.

In sum, the 1.65 million square-foot NanoTech megaplex boasts billions of dollars in high-tech investments and hundreds of corporate partners to date, with thousands of R&D jobs on site.  



SUNY Poly’s Utica campus offers the unique combination of tree-lined pathways, modern buildings, and rolling hills near the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains--an inspiring backdrop for challenging academics that are both rewarding and in demand. Students come from all over New York, many other states and more than 20 other nations to enroll in STEM-focused programs, business, nursing, and more. SUNY Poly also founded and manages the Computer Chip Commercialization Center (Quad-C) at its Utica location. 

Aerial of SUNY Poly Utica Complex

SUNY Poly's In Utica campus provides all the resources students need to reach their greatest potential

With world-class faculty and staff, dedicated educators, a commitment to affordability, and unparalleled opportunities for experiential learning, SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica provides all the resources students need to reach their greatest potential.

Since its founding in 1966, SUNY Poly has maintained an unwavering commitment to the growth of its students and community. 3,000 students from more than 20 nations uncover their calling and passion through the 30 academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students, preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow through experiential learning, internship and real-world work opportunities, and countless on and off campus activities.

Resting on 400 acres in Marcy, New York, just outside the City of Utica, SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Utica campus environment blends flourishing green landscapes, forests, and wildlife with an ever-growing hustle and bustle of buildings, residences, and athletic fields.



The Computer Chip Commercialization Center (Quad-C), a shared-use collocation facility at SUNY Poly’s Utica site is enabling next-generation device processing and packaging, IT, and supply chain support.



The CATN2 serves as a gateway to the various services that are provided at the AIM Photonics’ TAP facility, the world’s first open 300mm state-of-the-art advanced ecosystem for integrated silicon photonics test, assembly, and packaging.  Services include development and production process capability in key areas including wafer scale, chip scale and I/O attach and state-of-the-art Test and Metrology capabilities for each of these key functional areas. 

TAP Facility Building

AIM TAP Facility


The AIM Photonics TAP facility is the world's first open 300 mm, state-of-the-art advanced ecosystem for integrated silicon photonics test, assembly, and packaging.   TAP stands for Test, Assembly, and Packaging.  Our Facility is the world’s first 300mm open access PIC Test, Assembly, and Packaging Facility. What separates AIM Photonics TAP Facility from the rest? Our state of the art TAP facility is located in Rochester, NY, the world's capitol for Optics Photonics and Imaging (OPI). The Facility will have brand new strategically designed tool set and analytical lab for advancing next generation PIC technology. Being centrally located in the OPI capitol also provides partners access to a well established photonics supply chain.


Contact AIM Photonics to learn more.

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